We provide three primary types of services. These are general and specific support, various types of training, and custom development.

IT Services

In this world of rapidly advancing technology, all companies, individuals and non-profits have a need for IT support of some kind. At J & J Automation, we strive to meet those needs by providing services at affordable rates.

We can provide set up and support for both hardware and software. We can set up computers, printers, cell phones, tablets, laptops, servers, network hardware and printers for you. We can also install new software, either locally, on a server, or in the cloud. We can also help you with choosing and purchasing the new software and hardware.
We also provide general maintenance, security maintenance, and system support. We will help keep systems running smoothly, and help prevent problems. We also help maintain your security, and provide support for issues that arise.


We can also provide one-on-one and team training with using computers and mobile devices, or with computer concepts.

This can involve, for example, teaching about security principles to keep you safe online, or how to more efficiently use your computer. Many people use computers inefficiently, but by learning tools and shortcuts, you can learn to be more efficient and accomplish your goals more quickly.


We can also develop software for you to use for tasks. The purpose of this is to automate tasks and make it so you can finish things more easily and efficiently. It also helps keep things accurate by reducing the chance for human error. Software can do this by providing controls for entering data, such as restricting telephone numbers to match the correct pattern, or the same for e-mail addresses. It can also automate repetitive tasks, or quickly calculate frequently used data. Software can even look for updated versions of information and notify you about updates.

The types of development we provide include three general categories. First, we can create web apps and websites. Next, we provide document macros and advanced document development, including mail merges, spreadsheet development, and so on. Finally, we create system automation scripts, such as file management processing and other operating system level scripts.