Terms and Conditions


Invoices can be paid online, directly from the invoice you received; or you can call Jonathan to arrange alternate payment including paying by cheque, e-Transfer, or through alternate agreements. To pay directly from the invoice, click on the link you received to view the invoice, where you will find instructions on how to pay when you click Pay Online.


We provide all of our services at a single rate to make things simple. IT Services, Development, and training is all provided at that rate. We do not differentiate between these types of services. Our standard rate is reviewed periodically to adjust for changes in costs and inflation. Effective as of January 1, 2019, the standard rate is $70 per hour. Because of the important work done by non-profit organizations, we provide a discount on services of approximately 50%. This applies to all work done during our office hours. For work that is outside of our office hours, it is divided into planned and emergency services. Anything that I plan, or that is scheduled in advance, is considered planned, and is charged at standard rates.

Exceptional Circumstances

Emergency services, such as unplanned maintenance and repairs, or services that could wait until standard hours, are considered emergency and we reserve the right to charge up to double for these services, at our discretion. Basically, this is work you decide must be done after hours, and that we do not have advance notice. We do not guarantee any availability on hours at this time.

Minimum Charges

The rates apply with a minimum time. For services provided remotely, we charge in blocks of 15 minutes, with no minimum. For services provided on site, we have a minimum of one hour charged. In order to do this, we typically try to do enough to make this worthwhile. Occasionally, we will also work remotely for the difference between the amount charged and the work actually done, so only rarely will we charge for more time than is actually provided.


In providing services, all information that we have access to on your systems is considered strictly confidential. We will not provide access to that information to any third parties without your consent. We will not use your data for our purposes, and access is only for the purpose of providing services.

Terms of Service

In order to provide services, we do require certain information about your system, network, and business. This may include such things as passwords, contact information for your business or associates, business plans, and so on. We reserve the right to contact you to provide services, inform you of other services that are important to your company, settle your account balances, and request feedback.

You are expected to pay your balance in a timely manner. Typically, we allow a window of two weeks for payment, whether paying by cheque, cash, or Visa. If you need more time, or wish to make alternate arrangements, please let us know before the bill is due

Additional Agreements

We can work with you to create additional agreements, such as providing hardware, warranties, confidentiality beyond these terms and conditions, and other special agreements. Contact us to obtain and sign any such agreements.